Concrete has a bad reputation. Associated with high carbon dioxide emissions, soil erosion and water pollution, it has even been labelled one of the most destructive materials on Earth. Yet, it is also an essential building material that modern society has developed around. The good news is that there are ways we can minimise the impact of concrete on the environment, and sustainability is a priority for many new developments both in Australia and overseas. Here are a few upcoming projects where sustainability is a key consideration. 

Sustainable Stadium in Frankston

The new Jubilee Park Stadium in Frankston is on track to achieve a 4-Star (best practice) Green Star sustainability accreditation after 8 years of planning. The Green Star system assesses the sustainability attributes of construction projects in a range of categories. The new Jubilee Park Stadium will meet targets for:

  • energy and water consumption
  • building fabric and construction processes
  • indoor environment quality. 

Featuring world-class netball, volleyball, badminton and basketball facilities, the new stadium will be able to host major competitions and accommodate more players. 

Construction starts next month and is expected to be completed by June 2023. 

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge

The final draft for the $67 million Breakfast Creek green bridge has been released, and work is expected to start in early 2022. The 80-metre arch bridge has a minimum width of 6 metres to ensure there is enough space for pedestrians and cyclists (each will have a dedicated pathway) and make it much safer to walk or ride from the inner city to the northern suburbs. The bridge will also include a restaurant, bar, drinking fountains and rest areas that have been designed to integrate with the unique landscape and consider the area’s heritage.

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